Alumni Tailgate – September 20th, 2014


Join us a few hours before kickoff for a tailgate before the University of Minnesota vs. San Jose State football game.  The events will begin a couple hours prior to kickoff and will include grilling, a keg of beer, and socializing with fellow alumni and current students.  We have convenient parking behind the house and have made several other updates around the chalet that we would love for you to come check out! We hope to meet you in September!

 Go Gophers!!!

Pay your dues!

If you have not paid your dues for the year, please do! We use this money to maintain our fraternity house, make updates as necessary, attend our annual Lutsen getaway, host events, and much more throughout the year.

This past year we striped our parking lot, placed a permanent bike rack in front of the house, and replaced the broken freezers with commercial grade appliances.  In the upcoming year, we will begin a long overdue kitchen overhaul.  Many thanks for your continued support!

 Update your contact information

Attention alums! We are updating our alumni database.  Please email your current information to or fill out the form below. Thank you!



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