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Check out the Spring 2014 Frater and misc. info

HI everyone! Make sure you check out the Spring 2014 Frater. We are honored that our chapter alumni adviser, Dr. Paul Thai, is now the President of the national Psi Omega organization. Go Paul!

frater spring 2014

Here is the link:

A few reminders of national Psi Omega student benefits:
1) $3,000 loan available to 2 D2+ students per chapter each year. The terms of the loan are interest free during school, followed by a 5% interest rate for 3 years, with the balance due at the end of the 3rd year. That’s a pretty sweet deal!
2) If any of you are participating (or have participated) in research during school and have their research paper, submit it to national Psi Omega for publication and $500!
3) Submit dental comics to the frater for publication. No $$$ for this one, but it will be printed for everyone to see


Fall 2013 Frater

Read about our chapter and the other chapters of Psi Omega in the Fall Frater. If you have done research, make sure you check out the opportunity to receive $500 for a submission of your paper!