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FULL DETAILS: 2018 Alumni Tailgate

Psi Omega Alumni and members,

Saturday, October 6th is this year’s ΨΩ Alumni Tailgate! Not only is this game the Battle for the Floyd of Rosedale against Iowa, but it is also UMN Homecoming weekend! If there’s one game to come back to campus for this year, it’s this one!
Important details:
Date– Saturday October 6th
Where– Psi Omega Dental Fraternity (901 East River Parkway Minneapolis MN 55414)
Time– 8am-kickoff (Kickoff is scheduled for 2:30pm)
Food/Drinks– Fully stocked Bloody Mary Bar, keg, and your classic tailgate grill out!
FREE for current members!
FREE for D1s that have already joined or sign a membership sheet at the door!
$10 for non-members
Significance– The Alumni tailgate has been my favorite tradition as a member of Psi Omega. It allows us to celebrate the University of Minnesota, connect outside of the classroom, and most importantly- it allows us to give back to our incredible Alumni and thank them for blazing the trail for us! Whether you are a die-hard College Football Fanatic, or whether you are an Alumni that just wants to get back on campus for the first time in a while, we’d love to have you join us! 🙂
– Do I need a ticket to the game to attend the tailgate? Not at all!
– Is this a family friendly event? Absolutely! Family members and children are welcome and encouraged to join! We have a great front yard for lawn games!
– Can I bring my friend/significant other even though they’re an Iowa fan? NO (just kidding, bring em!)
– I’m a current UMN Psi Omega member and I want to bring my friend/significant other, can they come? Yes, they simply have to pay the $10 non-member fee
– I’m a Psi Omega alumni and I want to bring my family and/or a friend, do they have to pay? They do not! The purpose of this event is to thank our alumni and to encourage y’all to feel welcome back on campus! We only request that you don’t bring a bunch of buddies unless they plan on paying, but family and/or a friend or two for free is completely within reason!
– For other questions, contact us at

2018 Chainbreaker Fundraiser

Thursday June 7th was our 2nd annual Psi Omega x Chainbreaker Fundraiser, and we’re proud to say it was a huge success as we raised $2,200 for cancer research! Like last year, we had a Food Truck and Dunk Tank that students could dunk faculty in. We were also incredibly excited to add a Hog Roast this year thanks to Dr. Olin! For us, this event has represented not only an incredible opportunity to give to a fantastic organization, but has also served as bridge between students and faculty, as it’s one of the only events in our dental school community that offers us the chance to interact with our instructors outside of the clinic. This event is one that we are incredibly proud of because it incorporates Fellowship, Alumni, Community, and Excellence, which are the founding principles that drive the culture of our chapter. We’d like to thank all the instructors, students, alumni, and friends that attended, as well as our sponsors: Midwest Dental and Pacific Dental, without whom this event would not be possible. We would also like to thank our alumni for their continued support and contributions to our chapter!

-Andrew White ’17-’18 President


What are you bringing?

I’m so excited for potluck tomorrow night. I finally got around to making those Norwegian chocolate balls I keep promising.


Are you coming? You can rsvp here:

There’s a rumor that the roommates of 901 East River Parkway will even be hosting an Iron Chef competition. Exciting!

Monthly Pot Luck Tradition

Hey ΨΩ:

Now that we have a brand-spanking-new kitchen,
we’re going to start a monthly pot-luck tradition 🙂
The first Thursday of every month at 6:00 (starting Thursday, October 2), we will meet at the house and share a meal. Feel free to come by the house before 6 if you so choose, we’re just giving everyone time to grab their food or transport themselves if on outreach, working, etc. Not everyone will be able to make every month, but those who can will enjoy some fraternal camaraderie. And, with everyone brining something to share, no meal will be the same!
Please let us know if you plan on attending, as well as what you plan on brining — this helps everyone plan for a “balanced” meal. As PsiO has cups, plates, utensils (and the keg) covered, you can bring a “main dish,” “side,” or “dessert.” Don’t feel like you have to bring food for tons of people. If everyone brings just a little more than they think they themselves will eat, we’ll have plenty to go around!
You can sign up for the pot-luck here:
You can see what other people have pledged to bring here:

Alumni Tailgate this SATURDAY, September 20th – 12pm-???

We are hosting our 2nd annual alumni tailgate this Saturday, September 20th starting at 12 noon at the Psi O house. We are hoping to see many of you there! Our kitchen is freshly remodeled and I’m sure you are all interested in checking out the much needed upgrade. Here’s a sneak peek!

psio kitchen remodel

​Doesn’t it look amazing!?

If you are planning on coming this weekend, please take a moment and RSVP by replying to this email or clicking here. Friends/guests are welcome to join you as well!

As I said, the tailgate will begin at noon with grilling, music, lawn games, and all the other normal tailgate traditions. Come join us cheer the Gophers on to victory against San Jose State! The game begins and3pm. Everyone is welcome to stay and watch the game at the house in the living room or continue on to the stadium. Tickets are still available online for anyone interested.

Members who have paid dues and alumni = FREE
Guests = $10 to cover the cost of food/beer

Go Gophers!

Watch Rush Video Here!

Hi everyone! Check out the awesome rush video put together by Membership Chair Eric Christenson, Social Chair Caleb Christel, and VP Stephen Sylwestrak. Good work guys!!!

Bonfire + Yard Games TONIGHT!

Join us for s’mores and yard games at the chalet tonight, starting at 8pm! Meet other members and hang out around the fire. We look forward to seeing you there.


PS. Rush Party is Friday starting at 9pm – Rugged Loggers vs. Sexy Joggers theme!

Check out the Spring 2014 Frater and misc. info

HI everyone! Make sure you check out the Spring 2014 Frater. We are honored that our chapter alumni adviser, Dr. Paul Thai, is now the President of the national Psi Omega organization. Go Paul!

frater spring 2014

Here is the link:

A few reminders of national Psi Omega student benefits:
1) $3,000 loan available to 2 D2+ students per chapter each year. The terms of the loan are interest free during school, followed by a 5% interest rate for 3 years, with the balance due at the end of the 3rd year. That’s a pretty sweet deal!
2) If any of you are participating (or have participated) in research during school and have their research paper, submit it to national Psi Omega for publication and $500!
3) Submit dental comics to the frater for publication. No $$$ for this one, but it will be printed for everyone to see

Kitchen Renovation Progress

While everyone has been busy enjoying their summers, we have been busy updating the chalet! As you can see, progress is happening in the kitchen. A new commercial stove has arrived, yet to install, but the hood vent was installed 2 days ago. The cupboards are all installed as of a couple weeks ago, new vinyl tile was put in the old utility room which is now the pantry. The laundry is being moved into the old lab, which will still function as a waxing lab, but will now have the laundry in it, as pictured. The floor in the lab will also have new peel and stick tile, same as in the old utility room.  We are waiting for the stainless steel countertops which are on order. and we will be ordering new washer dryer stackables. Also, the hallways to the dorms, entryway, and both stairwells were repainted!

Election Results

Congratulations to the executive committee for the 2014-2015 school year.

President – Mark Thiele
Vice President – Stephen Sylwestrak
House Managers – Jon Hallie and Matt Merfeld
House Treasurer – Thomas Jordan
Fraternity Treasurer – Terry James
Social Chair – Caleb Christel
Rush/Membership Chair – Eric Christenson
Recorder – Brianna Berg